The First Post

So, what is the Big Truth/Big Lie all about? Well, it is the foundation (hopefully) for my doctoral dissertation as I pursue a Doctor of Business Administration degree through California Intercontinental University.  Basically, the Big Truth/Big Lie concept is that every industry, company, business unit, department, and employee has an underlying issue that prevents them from moving to the next level.

The Big Truth is the “elephant in the room” that everyone within the organization (or the individual) is pretending is not there. This is the stuff that everyone immediately gets defensive about when it is brought up. For instance, a company’s management might maintain that the economy is to blame for poor performance and lack of profits, rather than facing the Big Truth– that the company’s business model sucks and will never produce the desired profits. In other words, the Big Truth is the reality of a situation that everyone pretends is not true or not as relevant as it actually is.

The Big Lie is much the same as the Big Truth only the reciprocal. This is the idea or mindset that everyone in an organization believes or pretends to believe is the truth, but the functional reality is that it is not true or not as relevant as is assumed. For an example just think of 99% of all campaign promises from a politician.

Very often, the Big Truth and the Big Lie are two sides of the same coin. The importance of the Big Truth/Big Lie concept is that this is the thing that prevents breakthroughs and success. Yes, there may be several Big Truths/Big Lies in any given entity, however, there is usually one of each that precipitates the rest and once destroyed the rest fall like dominos. It is the job of business leadership, above all else, to deal with the Big Truth/Big Lie, otherwise no other aspect of even great leadership will suffice and the organization will ultimately fail.

This blog will be a fleshing out of this concept and other applications of logic to business. Ideally, I plan to write a dissertation on this subject. If that goes well, I plan to follow in  the footsteps of Stephen R Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Succesful People) and turn Big Truth/Big Lie into a popular book. If that goes well, I plan to turn myself into a speaker and make loads of money helping others get past the Big Truth/Big Lie in their lives. If all of that goes as planned, after I make a bunch of money, I will retire early and go away and stop bothering people.

In the next blog, I will do what I hate– talk about myself, but if I am going to be the well-known Big Truth/Big Lie Guy, then I will have to do some shameless self-promotion. After that atrocity, I will start talking about real-life examples of the Big Truth/Big Lie concept.


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